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The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM)

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The Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) had its origins in the Bandung Conference of April 1945 In Indonesia, inspired by three world leaders: Nehru of India, Tito of Yugoslavia and Nasser of Egypt. Bandung formulated the concept of non-alignment based on the Third World desire not to become involved in the East-West ideological confrontation of the Cold War, and to focus instead on national independence struggles, the alleviation of poverty, and economic development. These principles were adopted at the founding non-aligned summit in Belgrade in 1961.

Whereas NAM started with 25 members in 1961, it has now expanded to 115 developing member countries which constitute nearly two-thirds of the United Nations.
The 10th NAM Summit in Jakarta in 1992 adopted the Jakarta Declaration which laid out the future direction and priorities for the Movement. In the past, NAM was purely a political Movement. Now economic cooperation is also given priority. A call was made to further enhance South-South Cooperation. Common problems of the South like population, foreign debt and poverty are identified as priority areas. A call was also made to reopen the North-South dialogue. It redefined the Movement's role as "tackling the increasing polarization between North and South" and that they would "remain an independent political force despite changes in the world".
Brunei Darussalam's role in NAM 
Brunei Darussalam joined NAM in September 1992 during the Jakarta Summit. As a developing country, it is important for Brunei Darussalam to be part of NAM which shares common interests and concern particularly in security and economic areas. It is also an opportunity for Brunei to enhance relations with many countries of the Movement especially during the Summit and Foreign Ministers Conference.
At the Eleventh NAM Summit in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia in 1995, the NAM Leaders endorsed the establishment of the NAM Centre for South-South Technical Cooperation in Indonesia as a means of promoting and accelerating development in developing countries and as a part of the efforts of the Movement to strengthen South-South Cooperation.
Brunei Darussalam has sponsored two projects in 2001 for the NAM-CSSTC as follows:
  • The Expert Group Meeting on the Eradication of Poverty was held from 24 - 26 April 2001 at NAM-CSSTC, Jakarta, Indonesia.
  • Promoting Sustainable Growth and Competitiveness of NAM's SME in a Globalised Market through e-Commerce hosted by Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources was held in 29-30 October 2001 in Brunei Darussalam.
Brunei Darussalam is also sponsoring an Expert Group Meeting on Implementation of Policies and Programmes Towards Competitive Sustainable Development jointly organized by Civil Service Institute (IPA) and NAM-CSSTC. The Meeting was held in Brunei Darussalam from 28-30 January 2002 at IPA, Brunei Darussalam.
The Government of His Majesty The Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam and the Government of the Republic of Indonesia have jointly financed the construction of the Centre which was completed in February 1998. During the last Ministerial Meeting of the NAM Coordinating Bureau in Cartagena, Colombia, in May 1998, the Head of State / Government called on developing and developed countries as well as international organisations to extend support to the Centre by contributing to its future programmes and activities.
During their Meeting in Manila in July 1998, His Royal Highness Prince Mohamed Bolkiah, the Foreign Minister of Brunei Darussalam, together with other ASEAN Foreign Ministers reaffirmed their support for the goals and principles of the NAM. They stressed the importance of NAM as a unifying forum not only for discussions but also cooperation among developing countries, so that they may exert a more active influence on the direction and the management of world affairs. They recognised NAM's strength as a significant leverage in negotiations vis-a-vis the developed countries on crucial political and economic issues. They further emphasised the need to continue the active and collective promotion of the agreed positions of the NAM members in the UN and in the NAM international arena.
His Majesty the Sultan and Yang Di-Pertuan of Brunei Darussalam address the XII Conference of Heads of State or Government of the Non-Aligned Movement held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
on 20- 25 February 2003.
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