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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Visit Visa?
Visa is a permission, not a pass, to enter Brunei Darussalam endorsed in the passport or travel document of a foreign national approved by the Director or authorised officers of Immigration and National Registration of Brunei Darussalam
What are the types of Visit Visa required to enter Brunei Darussalam?
1. Professional
2. Business Visit Visa
3. Short/Social Visit Visa
For visa requirements to visit Brunei Darussalam please refer to Visa Requirement for Foreigners.
For a list of Brunei Darussalam Missions nearest to you please refer to Directory of Missions Abroad.
What is the validity of Visa?
The Length of validity of visa is 3 months maximum
How long is the visa processing period?
1 to 3 working days
How much are the fees of the Visa Application?
1. Single Entry - B$20.00 or US$16.00*
2. Multiple Entry - B$30.00 or US$24.00 (For less than 3 months)
3. B$50.00 or US$40.00 (For more than 3 months)
*US$1.00 = B$1.24
What are the pre-requisite entry requirements to enter Brunei Darussalam?
1. A person should have a valid passport/travel document recognised by the Government of Brunei Darussalam.
2. The passport must have a validity of 6 months before expiry when entering the country.
3. Foreign nationals entering Brunei Darussalam for employment purposes must have the appropriate visa and employment pass prior to their arrival. Their spouses and children under 18 years of age of pass holders are required to obtain dependents' passes.
What if I want to transit in Brunei?
A transit pass is issued for all countries and are valid up to 72 hours only, provided they have assurance (ticket) of travelling to another destination, and a sponsorship letter or guarantor from the airlines.
Does the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issue travel advisories?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs provide a general travel guide. Please click Travel on Consular Matters for Brunei citizens travelling abroad.
How do I get help in case of emergency when I am overseas?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs does issue announcement on an emergency situation such as natural disaster, civil unrest or war. Please refer to our Press Releases and Announcement page for more information.
In case of an emergency situation, the Brunei Mission overseas is responsible to assist. Therefore, it is important that Brunei citizens travelling or living abroad register with the nearest mission so that the missions are aware of Brunei citizens presence overseas. Or, please register on-line when you are travelling or living abroad through eRegister on Consular Matters page.
How do I apply for job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Brunei Darussalam?
Applications for job in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are handled by the Public Services Commission and the Public Services Department of the Prime Minister's Office, Brunei Darussalam. However the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides an On-line Recruitment Form available on the website for Brunei citizens. The on-line service does not guarantee job offers but please register online, if you wish to be notified should there be a recruitment exercise.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs also provides through its website, Job Vacancies at International Organisations such as the United Nations, Organisation of Islamic Conferences, World Meteorological Organisation, World Trade Organisation, etc.
How do I apply to work at the Brunei Embassies overseas?
From time to time, there are job vacancies available for Locally Engaged Staff at Brunei Missions overseas. These vacancies provide opportunities for Brunei citizens residing in the country where the Brunei Darussalam Mission is located. Please click Recruitment page of MFA's website, to find if there is a job availability.
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