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The Commonwealth is an association of 53 independent countries and their people. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the Commonwealth. The Charter of the Commonwealth was adopted in December 2012 and signed in 2013. The Charter expresses the commitment of member states to the development of free democratic societies and the promotion of peace and prosperity to improve the lives of all peoples of the Commonwealth. It also acknowledges the role of civil society in supporting the goals and values of the Commonwealth.

The Heads of Government in 1965 established the Commonwealth Secretariat, which is headed by the Secretary General. The Secretariat co-ordinates the work of the association, organises intergovernmental consultations, services Commonwealth meetings and committees, conduct programmes of co-operation and disseminates information.

Brunei Darussalam and the Commonwealth  

With Brunei Darussalam's traditional ties with Great Britain; it became the 49th member of the Commonwealth immediately on the day of its independence on 1st January 1984. The Commonwealth has provided Brunei Darussalam opportunities to pursue and promote its foreign policy objectives in a multilateral forum.

Since joining the Commonwealth, Brunei Darussalam attended every Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM). These meetings have provided a useful platform not only to discuss international issues but also in promoting bilateral relations. Our relevant Ministers have also attended the Commonwealth meetings in areas of education, finance, health, law, women, youth and sports.

Brunei Darussalam also participated in the Commonwealth Games for the first time in 1989 and the Commonwealth Youth Games since 2008.

In 2012, Brunei Darussalam contributed £1,000,000.00 to the Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust Fund which aims to eliminate avoidable blindness and empower young leaders.

In 2016, Brunei Darussalam committed the Berakas Forest Recreation Park; the Ulu Temburong National Park; and the Pulau Selirong Forest Recreation Park to the Queen's Commonwealth Canopy (QCC) in an effort to increase global awareness on the value of forests' ecosystems and participation to positively contribute towards combatting climate change. 

The CFTC's Focus on

Areas such as...

- Trade capacity building.

- Public sector reform and


- Economic and financial


- Enterprise and private-

  sector development.

- Supporting institutional

  capacity building in a wide

  range of areas including for

  the promotion of

  democracy, the rule of law

  and human rights.

- Gender mainstreaming and


- Health and education.

- Niche areas.

- Technical support at the

  regional and pan-

  Commonwealth level and

  policy development and

  advocacy of

  Commonwealth interest.
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