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Guidelines for Submission of Project Proposal Under CFTC


  • Project Title
  • Requesting Agency/Organisation
  • Implementing Agency/Organisation(Ministry of host organization that will be the main implementing agency)
  • Designated Project Manager
  • Contact Details(contact details of assigned officer who will be the main contact person for operational and implementation purposes)
  • Proposed Project Duration
  • Intended Date of Commencement (Please bear in mind that it takes a minimum of 6 months from submission to project commencement)


  • Challenge(or problem statement – brief description of the specific issue to be addressed)
  • Purpose of the Project and Immediate Objectives
  • Description of the Project(Description of the main activities foreseen)
  • Expected outputs(What are the intended results of project activities? What does the project hope to achieve in the short run?)
  • Indicators/Measures of Success(How will this project be judged as successful? Please provide quantitative and qualitative measures and baseline data if available)
  • Main Beneficiaries(Target beneficiary groups, short term and long term)
  • National/Regional Relevance (Alignment and relevance Brunei Darussalam's Vision 2035[1], Commonwealth Strategic Plan[2], SDGs[3])
  • Explicit Link to Achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals 2030(Direct impact on or contribution to one or more of the SDGs)
  • Assessment of Sustainability(explanation of measures to be incorporated within the project to ensure the sustainability of project benefits beyond completion)


  • Job description (List the specific tasks and activities to be undertaken by the expert/consultant, as well as specific deliverables)
  • Professional skills/qualifications (List the minimum qualifications, skills, experience and personal attributes necessary to perform effectively in this position)
  • Reporting relationship (Indicate the key person to whom the expert will report on a day to day basis and provide support in the implementation of the project)


  • How will the project have an impact on gender?
  • Will the project have an impact on other cross-cutting issues such as poverty alleviation, youth, the environment, and human rights?



Please include any other information that you feel is relevant to this request





​Strategic Plan

Goal 1

(Peace and Democracy ) will be achieved through four programmes:

Democracy Pillar- promoting Commonwealth fundemental political.

- Programme 1: Good Office for Peace.

- Programme 2: Democracy and Consensus Building.

- Programme 3: Rule of Law.

- Programme 4: Human Rights.

Goal 2

(Pro-poor Growth and Sustainable Development) will be achieved through four programmes:

Development Pillar- developing national capacity of member countries

- Programme 5: Public sector Development

- Programme 6: Economic Development

- Programme 7: Environmentally Sustainable development

- Programme 8: Human Rights

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