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Before Travel

  • Bruneians are encouraged to eRegister with MFA in order to obtain help in case of emergency and crisis.
  • Check visa requirements of the countries you are travelling or transiting in with your travel agency/the relevant foreign embassies, or the country's website to ensure you have the latest visa information.

    -  If you do not possess an appropriate visa, you may be denied entry to the country you are visiting or transiting in. Please ensure that you obtain the right visa for your purposes, or you may be refused entry to the country.

  • It is strongly recommended that you buy travel insurance (for medical emergencies, flight delay etc).

  • Have valid return flight tickets.

  • Bring adequate funds for your stay including extra money for unexpected expenses.

  • Ensure that your passport is still valid for at least six months before the expiry date.

  • Some countries may need travellers to declare items that are under their quarantine restrictions at the entry checkpoint. Check the customs regulations concerning import and export of items for the countries you are visiting. 

  • Bring your doctor’s prescription if you have to carry any medication, as you may need to show this at the customs checkpoint(s). 

Upon Arrival

  • Find out the nearest Brunei Darussalam Embassy/High Commission and save the details in case of emergencies.

  • Ensure that you comply with the laws and respect the customs of the countries visited.

  • Exercise common sense when going out alone and avoid quiet and unlit roads/alleys.

  • Be mindful of your personal belongings and avoid bringing large amounts of cash with you. 

  • Keep your travel documents safe. 

  • Ensure your stay permit is not overdue. Extension of stay permit, if needed, must be done before your stay permit expires.

**Gentle Reminder

  • Refuse to accept packages for inclusion in your luggage from strangers. As a minimum precaution, the contents of the package should be thoroughly examined because it may contain illegal substances. If in any doubt, politely refuse.

  • Always allow plenty of time for your journey to the airport while taking into account traffic jams and avoid missing your flight. 

  • The safety and well-being of any travellers largely his or her responsibility. Most problems can be avoided by ascertaining the regulations applying to each country being visited and planning well in advance to ensure that you comply with those requirements. 

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