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All foreign nationals entering Brunei Darussalam must have visas obtainable from any Brunei Darussalam Diplomatic Mission abroad except for countries with whom Brunei Darussalam has visa arrangements. Click here for more information on the current visa arrangements with Brunei Darussalam.


Click here to download the Visa Form.


Tourist / Visit Visa:

  • Original Passport of applicant (The passport must have a validity of more than 6 months from the date of departure and more than 4 blank pages);
  • One (1) Visa application form;
  • One (1) recent passport size photograph;
  • Covering letter from the applicant for application of visa and/or invitation/guarantee/sponsor letter from Brunei (if applicable);
  • Copy of confirmed air ticket or e-ticket receipt (Open ticket is not accepted);
  • Proof of accommodation/hotel booking in Brunei;
  • Proof of sufficient funds to support stay in Brunei (Recent bank statements);

It would take a period of a month to 3 months for any visa applications to be approved, as all the applications will be forwarded to the relevant authority in Brunei Darussalam.

The Embassy will contact the applicant once the visa has been approved.

A payment fee of USD 20.00 will be charged for an approved single-entry visa.

Please submit your application through the Embassy at the following address:

            Embassy of Brunei Darussalam in Cairo, Egypt

            Villa No. 191, Area 6, 1st District, 5th Settlement, New Cairo

            Arab Republic of Egypt

            Tel no: (+2) 25652463 / (+2) 25652464

Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact at above address.

Please take note that incomplete documentations above would not be entertained and processed

Brunei Citizen Services

  • Passport Renewal
  • Marrying a Brunei Citizen
  • Child Registration
  • Emergency Certificate (Sijil Darurat)

Passport Renewal

Brunei Citizens are advised to renew their passports six (6) months before the expiry date. The application form can be submitted to the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam with the documents listed in the form:

·       Application fee of BND60 (Payable in Egyptian Pound or US Dollar on the Brunei Government current exchange rate);

Passport Renewal Application Form

Marrying a Brunei Citizen / Permanent Resident

If your future spouse is not a Brunei Citizen or Permanent Resident of Brunei, he / she will need to submit the 'Questionnaire Form for Permission to Marry a Citizen / Permanent Resident of Brunei Darussalam'.

Marrying a Brunei Citizen  (68.6MB)

Child Registration

Any child born in Egypt whose father is a Brunei Citizen may register through the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to obtain an emergency certificate to enter Brunei.

Documents RequiredChildFatherMotherGrandfather (Paternal)
1"Application Form To Register At A Brunei Mission Abroad The Birth Of A Child Born Outside Brunei Whose Father Is A Citizen Of Brunei"Required
2A1 FormRequired
3D FormRequired
4Copy of Marriage CertificateRequired
5.Copy of Birth CertificateRequiredRequired
6Copy of Identity CardRequiredRequiredRequired
7Copy of Citizenship CertificateRequiredRequiredRequired
8.Copy of PassportRequiredRequired 
9Copy of the letter from employer in Brunei Darussalam RequiredRequired 

Note: All Copies of the required documents should be translated into English or Malay.

Emergency Certificate ( Sijil Darurat )

Those who have lost their passport in Egypt should contact the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to process their emergency certificate. This certificate is a one-way travel document.


Fill in and submit the application form (7.3MB) with the following documents:

·       One (1) copy of Brunei Passport (if applicable);

·       One (1) copy of Police Report;

·       One (1) copy of Brunei Identity Card (both sides) or Identification Certificate;

·       One (1) copy of applicant's Birth Certificate (both sides);

·       Letter of certification from present school/college/university (if studying) or employer (if working) [for those residing in egypt];

·       Two (2) passport-size photos (preferably with blue background 3.5 x 4.2 cm);

·       Application fee of BND20 (Payable in Egyptian Pound or US Dollar on the Brunei Government current exchange rate);

·       Flight Itinerary;

For those born in Egypt without a passport and who wish to enter Brunei:

·       One (1) copy of the Citizenship Certificate;

·       One (1) copy of parents' Passport;

·       One (1) copy of parents' Marriage Certificate (Marriage Certificate has to be registered in Brunei);

·       One (1) copy of the childs' Birth Certificates (both sides);

·       One (1) copy of parents' Identification Certificates;

·       Two (2) passport-size photos (preferably with blue background 3.5 x 4.2 cm);

·       Payment fee of BND20 (Payable in Egyptian Pound or US Dollar on the Brunei Government current exchange rate);

·       Flight Itinerary;

​​·       Other info: Eye, hair colour, height in cm;

Note: All documents should be translated into English or Malay.​