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Brunei Citizen Services

Registration of Bruneian staying in People's Republic of China

For the Embassy to keep in touch with you and also for safety reason, to kindly register your wherebeings by filling up the attached form and email to

*refer to attachment



Brunei Citizens are advised to renew their passports six (6) months before the expiry date. The application form can be submitted to the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam with the documents listed in the form:

*refer attachment



Any child born in China whose father is a Brunei Citizen may register through the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to obtain an emergency certificate to enter Brunei.

 Documents RequiredChildFatherMother

"Application Form To Register At A Brunei Mission Abroad The Birth Of A Child Born Outside Brunei Whose Father Is A Citizen Of Brunei"

*refer to attachment


A1 Form

*refer to attachment

3Copy of Birth CertificateYesYes 
4Copy of Marriage Certificate Yes 
5Copy of Identity Card YesYes
6Copy of Citizenship Certificate YesYes
7Copy of Passport YesYes
8Copy of the letter from employer in Brunei Darussalam YesYes

Note: All Copies of the required documents should be translated into English


Emergency Certificate ( Sijil Darurat )

Those who have lost their passport in China or required a documentation for Bruneian child born in China to go back to Brunei should contact the Embassy of Brunei Darussalam to process their emergency certificate. This certificate is a one-way travel document from China to Brunei (transit is okay as long not going out from the airport immigration).

Fill in and submit the application form with the following documents:

.       Application form of Emergency Certificate (*refer attachment)

·       One (1) copy of Brunei Passport (if applicable);

·       One (1) copy of Police Report (to be translate into English) (only for lost passport);

·       One (1) copy of Brunei Identity Card (both sides) or Identification Certificate;

·       One (1) copy of applicant's Birth Certificate (both sides);

·       Letter of certification from present school/college/university (if studying) or employer (if working) [for those residing in China];

·       Two (2) passport-size photos (preferably with blue background 3.5 x 4.2 cm);

·       Application fee of BND20 (Payable only in Chinese RMB based on the Brunei Government current exchange rate during the day of application);

.        Other info: Eye, hair colour, height in cm

. Applicant to go to local China Exit and Entry office (immigration) for reporting lost passport and getting temporary Stay Permit and once again after getting the Emergency Certificate for getting Exit Permit to go out of China.

Police Clearance Report (Sijil Berkelakuan Baik)

For those applicant either Bruneian or other nationalities who has been working in Brunei before.

Reasons required:

·       To stay abroad

·       To work abroad

·       Documentation required by the living country

Requirement of documentations as follows:

·       Letter from applicant to the Embassy stating the reasons of applying

·       Copy of all pages of the passport (old and new)

·       Copy of Brunei documentation such as IC, Driving License

·       Copy of employment letter (offer letter and ending/termination letter) back in Brunei

·       BND50 (Payment in Chinese RMB according to Brunei Government Rate)

This process will takes about 1-2 months.


Visa section

For Brunei citizen to enter China, the information as per below:

·       Ordinary passport holder can enter China up to 14 days for tourism and social visit. For attending official visit, please kindly apply Visa through the Chinese Embassy in Brunei Darussalam

·       Official and Diplomatic passport holder can enter China up to 14 days for any purposes

·       If any passport holder to enter China more than 14 days, Visa is required which can be apply through the Chinese Embassy in Brunei Darussalam

For Chinese citizen to enter Brunei for any purposes such as tourism, social, employment or business, kindly refer to attachment. For more questions and for other Nationalities,  it is advised to contact directly the Visa Section of the Brunei Embassy in China for more details at:


Telephone: +86-10-65329773 / +86-10-65329776 ext 137 for Visa section

*refer to attachment


Attachment :

A1 Form
Passport Form
Child Birth Registration Form
Emergency Certificate Form
Good Conduct Form
Medical Report Form
Registration Form (Bruneian Nationality Staying in China)
Visa Application (Business) Form
Visa Form
Visa on Arrival for Chinese to Brunei Form
Visa Requirement (Employment, Dependant, Student)
Visa Requirement (Tourist to Brunei)